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Marriage Counseling Norman OK

Are you someone who can self motivate yourself and push past the hard parts of life or are you someone who gets stuck in the rut of the stresses and challenges that life brings?

We want to welcome you to Marriage Counseling Norman OK and be sure to let you know we are ready to face your challenges head on with you.

You are not alone. There are thousands of couples that we offer help to in premarital counseling and in couples counseling Norman OK here at Marriage counseling Norman OK.

couples counseling norman ok

Couples Counseling

marriage counseling norman ok

Marriage Counseling

pre marriage counseling questions

Premarital Counseling


Marriage Counseling Norman OK

couples counseling norman ok

Have you been married and realized how different you are when you thought before you got married that you were so similar? You used to believe the saying that opposites attract and suddenly you are wondering how that even works in a marriage.

It is interesting to see how once you are married the differences are magnified and seem way more different then ever before. This can be extremely difficult for couples to navigate and learn how to love their differences once again and appreciate their spouse despite these differences.

We value appreciation here and it is our goal during marriage therapy for you to not only see but learn how to appreciate each other’s differences and what that looks like for you and your marriage. Does couples counseling help many of you may ask?

Yes it does. It is our mission to use relationship therapy as a means of healing and help for our couples so that they can mend their relationship and make it better then ever before. We strive for not only connection, but for deeply interpersonal and intimate connection.

We know that it is by small means that great things happen and we do the best at teaching our couples what small means they can apply or tweak in their marriage to create a wonderful and satisfying marriage.

Why Choose Us?

Our clients come to choose us here for their relationship counseling because we offer love and acceptance. We have open doors to everyone. No matter what your relationship may be at or how it started or where you see it going we are ready to counsel you and your significant other.

We have the best counselors that have the highest education, training and experience. They are experts in what they do and our clients in couples counseling reap the rewards of that. Our clients love coming to counseling here because they feel the passion that our counselors have in your success. They make the best use of your time.

We offer many types of couples therapy for a variety of issues you may be experiencing in your marriage. Some of the reasons you may want to see us and some important topics we discuss here in our counseling services are:

  • Addictions in your marriage
  • Miscommunications
  • Communication barriers
  • Unhealthy thought patterns
  • Loss

There are many other issues we help our clients with as well and have been assisting couples for years to overcome their marital issues and build upon the relationship that they currently have.

Call us now to get your first appointment scheduled and to begin your relationship healing journey. You may also fill out this form here to get started.

What To Expect?

Because every person and every couple is so different in their personality and their life situation, no couples counseling is the same. However, there are a few things that everyone will talk over.

You will discuss your past, your upbringing and how it plays a role in your life today. You will discuss the events that are happening currently in your life. At each relationship counseling Norman OK you will discuss any great insight you got from the previous session and the progress that you have seen in both yourself and your relationship since your last session.

It is typical to schedule your appointments at regular increments with your counselor. What regular means is different for each couple and person. For some that may be once a week and for some it may be one or twice a month.

You may have a specific problem you are needing help to solve which may result in counseling for a short period of time. You may also be needing help with more deep and personal issues that may need counseling for a longer span of time.

Whatever it is that is bringing you into counseling, you will love it here at Marriage Counseling Norman OK and will love our counselors.

family counseling norman ok


There is something very common and very important to know both in marriage and going into a marriage. That is, if you or your spouse are an avoider.

Do you avoid issues that are at hand or do you see them clearly and tackle them head on? You will find this out or work through this during both premarital counseling and marriage counseling Norman OK.

Couples Therapy Norman OK

You may have been married for 1 year or maybe you have been married for 15 years and are finding that you are hitting roadblocks in your relationship that are too much for you to handle alone.

This is okay and we are here to help you. You will gain the insight that you need during marriage counseling near me to strengthen your marriage and hop you over those roadblocks.

Premarital Counseling Norman OK

Wouldn’t life be easier with a manual? We sure believe so. This is why we off pre marriage counseling. It will be the same to you as owning a marriage manual with some of the most useful and true marriage advice.

You will hit a marriage problem in your relationship and know just how to handle it. It will not make problems go away as you are bound to have issues in your marriage, but it will make it much easier to go through these issues as you have the proper tools you need to overcome them.

About Norman OK

125,000 people live in the area of Norman OK. There is higher education within the population here in the city of Norman with much of its economy surrounded by research.

The University of Oklahoma is here in Norman and it is the largest University in the state. The summers here can be extremely hot.

Norman lies within the tornado alley with it being the most prone to tornadoes, which explains why much research is done here. It is such a great place to research as they have radars set all over the fields. The cities that surround us here in Norman are:

  1. Choctaw, OK
  2. Newcastle, OK
  3. Blanchard, OK
  4. Newalla, OK
  5. Noble, OK
  6. Purcell, OK
  7. Nicoma Park, OK
  8. Lexington, OK
  9. Dibble, OK
  10. And many more areas!

Frequently Asked Questions About Counseling

Will medication work the same as counseling?

Medication can work wonders when solving for the solution. What you need to ask yourself is, “Why am I here and what is the deeper problem?” As you seek to find solutions to these questions you will have much deeper and longer lasting results then any medication will provide you with. You may be looking for the encouragement and the knowledge that comes along with Norman marriage counseling.

Will my information be kept confidential?

One of the main and most important aspects between a client and their counselor is confidentiality. There must be a lot of trust if there is going to be much success in your relationship counselling sessions. There are so many sensitive subjects that are discussed typically only within a counseling office during couples therapy Norman OK. There are a few situations in which counselors are required by law to disclose which are:

If there is reason to believe the client is in danger of self harm or in risk of endangering others or if there is reason to believe there is abuse or neglect.

How can I be sure that couples therapy Norman OK will be best for me?

Your motivation for wanting to come to couples therapy may be very different than someone else. That is okay. Everyone has different struggles and challenges in their lives and needs different treatment for such struggles. Counseling can help you get through so many different phases and stages of life. If you are struggling mentally with depression, anxiety, spirituality, addiction, or relationship issues then couples counseling Norman OK will be right for you.

If you are having a hard time navigating the stressful situations in your life or managing yourself around significant life changes you are experiencing then you will love couples counseling near me and will benefit greatly from it.

Is it worth the cost for marriage therapy?

Norman marriage counseling is worth any cost. Although we do try to keep the cost low so that it is affordable for everyone who wants or needs some marriage counseling. As you invest in your marriage you will realize why it is so important to invest in and make your marriage a priority. You will gain so much out of counseling with each and every session being very valuable.

Client Testimonials

I went into my engagement with so much fear and so much stress and pre marriage counselling helped me to see the why behind everything and to not stress over the little things. I feel much closer bonded now that we have asked all the hard questions before marriage.

Caleb Noble

My heart has changed during our couples counseling and we now see each other as treasures which has changed the entire dynamic of our relationship. We are much deeper in love.

Danielle Williams

Counseling has been a huge eye opener for my wife and I. We had struggles with family issues for so long in our marriage and have learned how to see each other’s perspective and come to different agreements then we previously had which are working so much more smoothly for our lives.

Chris Brigger

Contact Us Today!

What issues in your marriage are you having that you seemingly cannot kick and overcome? Are you feeling downtrodden, triggered, and lonely? If any of this describes you then you do not want to wait any longer before calling us.

It is vastly important that we gain the knowledge that we lack in such a huge and deeply significant area of our life. If you do not have the proper training going into a marathon you are going to quit before you hit the finish line, as it will seem too hard.

The same goes for marriage. If you do not properly train for marriage you are going to quit when it gets tough, and it will.

Commit now for that to not be you. Commit to getting the proper training that you need. We offer premarital counseling and couples therapy near me. Call Marriage Counseling Norman OK today

Marriage Counseling Norman OK

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